Where To Find Bank Repo Horse Trailers For Sale

If you are in need of a horse trailer for transporting one or more horses to and from horse shows and various destinations, you can save quite a bit of money by making an investment in one of many bank repo horse trailers for sale.

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Trailers that have been repossessed by the bank are resold with price tags that are significantly below retail value.  These trailers are sometimes offered as private sales, auctioned trailers, consignment sales or as brokerage liquidation sales.

Many bank repo horse trailers are sold by companies that have purchased the repos at auction; some companies offer the repo horse trailers with complete documentation about the history of the trailer and how it was maintained. In some cases you can find out about previous owners as well as the origins of the trailer’s purchase.  Bank repo horse trailers for sale are non-motorized options that can be towed behind a truck.  The trailers come in a wide arrange of styles and designs and can range in price from $500.00 to as much as $100,000.00 for luxury horse trailer styles.

Among bank repo horse trailers for sale are livestock horse trailers; these trailers consist of an open bay where the horse can be loaded before being transported from place to place.  Livestock horse trailers can contain as many as three horses and some are designed to fit more.  The horses are allowed to enter into the trailer via the included step up feature at the back end of the horse trailer in question.  When you are buying one of many bank repo horse trailers for sale, make sure you thoroughly assess the entire trailer for evidence or rust and corrosion since trailers are often subjected to the outdoor elements.

Also among the bank repo horse trailers for sale are trailers called bumper pull options; this trailer is attached to the back of a vehicle through the use of a ball hitch coupler that is attached to a ball that is positioned beneath the vehicle’s back bumper.  Sometimes the bumper pull options host a tongue jack as well; this allows you to lower or raise the trailer’s coupler when you are connecting or disconnecting it to your vehicle.  If you choose a bumper pull option you will want to assess the condition of the ball coupler and the tongue jack to make sure everything is in working condition.

Bank repo horse trailers are also available in slant load style; this allows for the transportation of more than one horse at a time and horses are protected in partitions that are padded for comfort and safety.  This type of trailer is best suited for anyone who one or more small horses; larger horses require more open space inside a horse trailer.  Alternatively, if you are seeking a horse trailer that offers stable features you can get the bumper pull trailer with step up loading or rear loading ramps too.  Meanwhile, luxury horse trailers include the gooseneck variety; these can be considerably pricy, but less expensive when purchased used.

Banks that repo horse trailers will often offer bank repo horse trailers for sale at local auctions.  Searching your local area for an auction can prove fruitful since you will have an opportunity to go and look at the condition of the horse trailers before you bid on them.  If you work with a local auction you will also have the convenience of being close to the auction location if you are the winning bidder and you have to pick up the horse trailer you buy.

Equine Now

A number of private companies buy bank repo trailers for sale and resell them.  Sites that focus on selling horse care equipment also sometimes list bank repo horse trailers for sale.  One such site is Equine Now where consumers can get repo trailers, saddles, tacks, horse services, and they can browse through a directory of horse trailer sellers.  To view a listing of bank repo horse trailers for sale visit

Haylett Auto & RV Super Center

Haylett Auto & RV Super Center is a company that has a number of different bank repo horse trailers for sale.  This Coldwater, Michigan-based company sells bank repo trailers made by Sundowner®, CornPro®, Hosler®, Exiss®, Twi-Lite®, Adam Trailers®, and Featherlite® among other manufacturers. Haylett Auto & RV Super Center allows you to make an offer on the bank repo trailers for sale and they sell the trailers at super low prices.  The company was established in the late 1980s and is a family operated and owned business.  To view the bank repo horse trailers for sale visit